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Hello I am Erik The Craftsman;

I am a carrier production craftsman with experience in building construction that began in 1993.

My carrier started when I got a job working in a carpenter shop after school where I learned the ground up about carpentry and production spray painting. 

At that shop we built; custom furniture, cabinets and wood products including props for the Stratford festival in Stratford, Ontario.

Today in 2021 I have been in the building construction industry in Canada for 27 years and have contributed to; industrial construction, commercial and residential projects as well civil road and bridge work.

I have worked across Canada and am successful as a construction contractor.   Some of my work has brought me on projects for; demolition and re form carpentry and concrete finishing of bridges, hospitals and parkades!  My largest home I worked on, I did the exterior finishing of a 30 000 square foot mansion.

My largest commercial construction contributions was work as form carpenter building a 45 story building.  As well I have framed condo complexes with 180 units per side, and have done many many small deck, garage and residential maintenance jobs helping to keep Canada to the building standard of greatness and done trouble shooting and problem solving for many years on them!

To add to the list, I am a heavy machine operator and can dig my own holes and conduct large earth moving, demolitions for in fill customers and as well have the experience building and grading for masive plaza type builds such as Walmats, Canadian Tires.

As well; I have done the full building envelope of residential home construction and contributed to many new homes and many renovations.

 I have over 6000 hours in fields including, and am an expert;

As well; I have traveled for projects all over Canada and get called for consult to engineer positions where I can help make decisions with other firms relating to building structure, weather and unforeseen issues related to  building construction! In those cases a lot of time is saved when my crew will do shoring and reshoring supporting damaged and compromised structures and I will do the work to give boards information relating to re building on site where I have people in other areas working on the blue prints and engineering documents while I spear head on site man power control..

I am also a certified construction safety officer and can be called upon for Safety audits and site inspections for small to large projects where a certified party is needed for safety and safety related management and protocol.

Currently my focus is London, Ontario and area for my standard direct to the customer construction sales including residential small projects like; single family homes design to build, design to build decks, exterior renovations & interior renovations!   I have done restaurants and commercial projects and can do tile work and commercial contracts as well!

Being at the level that I can consult and build homes from start to finish I of course have site safety insurance in place including Workers Safety Insurance Board of Ontario Account in place. 

I worked on my first custom home build as a carpenter in 2001 and today have built and/or worked on hundreds and hundreds of homes across Canada both as the new home builder and a trouble shooter coming in to over come and fix issues and do maintenance work like new roofs, siding, walkways, stairs, railings and other work.

I have a very extensive list of assets including tools for; carpentry, concrete, painting and am ready for the Ontario re opening - so give me a call to make a deal today! This is my carrier I am a pro, and I am well out fitted with the understanding of building in Canada and Canadian Code and how and why it changes from neighborhood too neighborhood, and love my work!