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ABOUT  Erik The Craftsman - a carrier carpenter for hire

Note: January 19 2022 - Hi guys;  My site is under renovations as it is every January.  Please enjoy it, but don't freak out - I am dealing with the touch ups and getting rid of all the bugs!


My name is Erik aka Erik The Craftsman! I am a carrier production carpenter.  

In 2022 I am providing design to build construction and renovation services for; decks, new homes, renovations, design to build decks and sun rooms and custom work in London, Ontario and area.

As well I am back guys!  Basing in the East and looking for some homies to make the leap into the big leagues and I have medium projects any partnerships with; $100 000 or 250 000 or can get in on or take whole chunks at $1 million if you got it you can reap it with good ol Big Easy, Mr. Erik Parti aka Erik The Craftsman click here to get on board with one of my real estate investment projects!

Being not just a man on the tools as well I am an executive that enjoys the privilege of being master level trades person and I am proud of that and have earned that.  I did put in 29 years since I first joined the industry, so I am not just coming to you and filling your ears with b.s - I actually know what I am doing.

Erik The Craftsman - certified, licensed, insured

In the industry for 29 years holding national business licensing, workers site safety insurance, certifications and bonded.

Erik The Craftsman - experienced earned through time on the job and in school

I do all things pertaining to the construction business myself including but not limited too; business, sales, marketing, design, graphic design ,product designer and consult engineer, Safety Boss, trade Manager and off course - a real trades man will love his tools till the day he dies, so you can catch me trawling showers and putting in decks as-well as meeting with customers and working with trade engineers.

As well I do myself; running big machines and also to the ones that deserve it, training men in the industry to be something and do something with their lives. I give opportunity to people as well.  I do training, and mentoring and am a certified trade safety coordinator.

Erik The Craftsman - history in construction in Canada - a carrier that started in 1993.

Today I hold many certifications and am also a Certified Construction Safety Officer, Certified Trades Coordinator. As well I hold a Masters level in my field of Construction with 29 years in the industry.

I am too a; Math, Sciences, design and engineering pupil and hold a Bachelors Level Knowledge of Computer Sciences. 

Erik The Craftsman -  a sophisticated modern construction contractor and new home builder

Technology and sciences relates to my job because everything is computer based and we have so many great things that contribute to good construction so I gota say I do love my tech zero carbon homes pertaining to technology including my web interfaces for communications. Our design programs are so much better then when I began my journey gaining drafting experience in the 90's,   and the Internet as well - we can order food even with out making phone calls and send emails from anywhere.    To keep things organized my virtual server helps me market to you, keep in touch with my suppliers and as well up to day with building codes, weather and my man power and trades.

So you can email me right through this site any time 24/7 365 a year and it will keep us up to date together.

Erik The Craftsman - A national construction contractor

Even when I am taking rest and we are away my system is working and reach able to you from any where in the world.

At the same time we need to keep up to tech because materials and production and build machines are constantly evolving and my tech keeps me up to date with tech so I keep up to date with my tech! lol

Today my services have garnered me respect across Canada with customer inquiries in 2022 spanning around the globe and work since 2020 with my own hands on contributions now in; Ontario, Canada, Alberta, Canada, Manitoba, Saskatchewan and the Yukon territories.

Erik The Craftsman -  saving the world and you money through efficiency and experience

I focus on being efficient with the demand from our transition from global destruction to global modernization of business to green sector being efficient and experience cuts costs because I know what I am doing and am very good estimator.

That being said I carry year after year business licenses and insurances so I can service on demand with proper paper work.

Tough Talk is the "Phrase of 2022"because we are really excepting here in Canada but at the same time we have to stand on what Canada is, not morf out of what is write by excepting what is wrong, but be excepting to people for the better not the worse.  Problems that need tough talk right now pertain to massive greed and distribution problems at the top, lack accountability for major money movers, we have social issues and we need to have a balance that we all contribute to.   My balance come from the Wholly Bible and the Canadian National Building Code and our building construction laws and regulations.  My influence is being a tough Canadian and I don't ass kiss just cause some one is rich, greed is what is destroying the earth and we need to stand up to the idiots even the rich idiots and we need to change our living habits to not be in so much focus of money - one thing I know is if you are honest, you will enjoy the pains of success - you enjoy learning and the pains of success becoming a master - the money will follow.

Any one blinded by greed like the money mongers at the top well guess what don't by from billionaires that couldn't do anything for the poor through covid - they are frauds to them-selfs as they have forgotten and did not pay fairly the communities that made them and certainly forgotten the fallen who died for our country including the free world - if they forgot the community that made them when the community needed them the most - they are not cool - they are truly soft - they ain't as tough or as cool as my mentors, nope and money don't buy cool!  Especially when its locked up in some rich stinky bums bank account at the worst time in modern history - money is just primitive at that point - we have billionaires that are just like a bad child that doesn't want to share then cant figure out why he has no real friends LOOO Loooo Looosers -  I don't like money like that!  i am Cool craftsman. 

Erik The Craftsman - A Cool community member helping and giving

Mom and I gave all the blankets we could this year to the homeless.   I could had sold them, but really?  Amazon?  30% of sales on his site and the guy can't do shit for the community?  Really little baba baba how many people died.   Amazon boss - i dont buy shit from Amazon Tesla boss who is the other greed monger that is become blind with his own money the two should be boycoted buy everyone as they are in competition with one another for the riches man seat - and that status fraud is the reason why we have global warming, men chasing money and destroying earths security.   Boy cot Amazon global community and boy cot Tesla Boss till they open their eyes to the Earth.


Erik The Craftsman - An Ethical concerned building construction expert

This ethical presence brings very big blessing on to my customers because I am dependable and my word is not based on; prejudice, or bigotry or biasness or dishonesty.  I keep my word because my God commanded me to be honest and I love my God - the God of Canada's routes - no matter where you are from you are safe here because of his ethics embedded in me!  "Thow shall not steal", "Thow shall not lie", "Love thigh neighbor",

We have a world that is a mess right now because we all need to get to know God better and when we do, the clouds go away God is the real boss and you can't get richer so moron money men with all the cash and no god damned strength to sacrifice - ya you big fat cats read this -  I am Erik The Craftsman

For me as we come into a more mature stance on International business because in my field I see a lot of problems that come from humanity including; homelessness, craftsmanship related problems and business related problems.  We need to just simply stand up for what is right in all sectors to get the world onto a smoother course for the future.  I do that by being fair and honest in my business with all Canadians period.  Being fair helps to get people into safe homes, gets safe homes built and helps because guess what when you build a home with dishonesty in this very complicated 4 season place we call Canada - guess what guys if you are dishonest construction boss - your a killer because homes need to be built right so that people can live safe not just from people but from; Canadian molds and fungus, radon gas, carbon monoxide, hydrogen sulphate and other things like even to much wifi and dirty electromagnetic fields are not seen by your eyes but I know they are there and consult, design and build for the betterment of our community.

Erik The Craftsman - A Canadian Construction Expert and Carpenter that knows how to build in Canada

Those unseen health concerns pertaining to building construction and local planning can devastate the health of persons living in homes not properly built or in buildings that are not properly maintained.  You see how greed is a factor in good living?  If people don't want to do what needs to get done, its no good for the community as whole- buildings become very quickly disintegrating assets and people living in those buildings have a harder time keeping bills paid as theirs and their families health decline from the un seen dangerous that come from poorly done construction - if we get to greedy and don't be fair construction and the whole building sector drops in standard - I stand on guard for thee Canada who ever you are it don't matter I stand on guard for Canada's Standard and fight for all of you through my work and dedication to my trade and carrier in the industry.

I am contributing to that buy putting my customer first in line with environmental needs and also the needs of employees and also the rules and laws of the land.

In contributing to a more healthier safer place to live my contributions to the over all standard of living come from myself just doing a good job every day of my life so that my customers can sleep well knowing their investments are going to last.  I also put that into talk with my hired guys men and woman and influence people to do the right thing when speaking about day to day routines and that reflects to a more efficient over all regular construction process saving; time, material and also your monies.

Being a dedicated science student - I am on the forefront of zero energy homes and have been installing "green homes" since around 2009.  Today I consult to have totally efficient and zero carbon homes and work to the best of my abilities to reach customer goals with the monies they have, integrating better building practice every time.

I continuously write to members of all levels of government pertaining to better methods, laws and to get monies when they are so available to my customers for my work exceptionally when they are things like NRCan Greener Homes Program Canada and other such programs.

Today I have many different construction services available for purchase and enjoy knowing as much about my industry as possible and using the best of each sector to improve construction as a whole.

Erik The Craftsman - a construction contractor providing building construction services

I offer;

Certified Environment Construction Safety and protocol admin

Certified Trades Coordination

Construction Project Design to build and Management Services

New home Design to build packages (typical sizes up to large custom homes - also commercial)

Painting and coatings services - residential -  commercial - industrial

Flat work

New decks

Renovations including sun room packages

Custom work

Solar Systems

Off grid buildings

Electric Vehicle Connectivity to Solar Collector Constructs

Building Eco Energy Retrofits - commercial - residential - industrial including restaurant / food industry

Eco cool / hot windows and doors

Eco cool / hot  siding