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Covid is a foot by Erik Parti November 22 2020


If its taking down the Texas and Albertan boys who are as tough as (bad word) we know covid – 19 is very serious and dangerous. Team awareness AND LEADERSHIP is a major, major contribution to us beaten it as humanity not any primitive ACT, or emotional or prejudice ACT OR STATEMENT REGARDING A NEW LIFESTYLE WITH COVID can be observed at this time - PLEASE.


We had a contractor come up from Mount Forest Today and not practice social distancing at all. This prompted me after telling now not only immigrants who have the excuse of language barrier not to be aware of our Canadian province to province rules but also my countryman of the same mother tongue - I took the initiative to tell the gentleman that some people wont take the pandemic seriously until themselves or worse a spouse or loved one is on thier death bed. Good leadership is not falling victim to social copycatting (bad, lazy habits) good disciplined day to day use of PPE and self conduct will make the world a better place. Ignoring pandemic needs for self discipline and safety will pro long the threat of covid-19 vaccine or not.


Anyways these guys walked with in 3 feet (1 meter) of me when it was just a simple 3 foot more extension of there day path travel to stay the hell away of me, and I made it quite clear - I am just being factual I am glad I did and might have saved one or more of them or their family members from being a proactive leader and not falling to the status quo or peer pressure.   They listened and now in tern can live and pass on some tips and be good leaders as I have exhibited to them.

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