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Covid story -

how emotions kill.


Today while trying to take care of maitenance work for some friends I ended up in one of my work horses (4x4 trucks) at one of my favorite Canadian Suppliers – well two of them.


In both instances I am witnessing extreme acts of insensibility and getting pretty pissed off about it.


The one I am putting the supplier name on it – I am not displeased with the supplier and I am not putting a label on the man I am just stating the facts! I am factual, facts and emotions don’t coinside all the time, usually not.


Lots of people at home depot came to close to me and excibited, not the staff so much they have the benefit of the excuse of doing there job, but manners, and patience play a huge role in the spread of covid emotions will drive us out side of the protection of good manners and patience.


For example while going through with some shopping for a drain seal on a house that needs its toilet recet I stood in the plumbing section with in 3 feet of the shelves with someone to my right about 8 feet away, at that point we are exibiting the social distancing measures put in place by both science and law at this point. 6 feet with a mask on. SIMPLE GUYS!


Then people start bussling by when the other rows are clearly more exsesible going the right way down the isle or not. Worsly (new word by Erik) thesee people turn there head breathing in the direction of me while I shop for my part. No offence – but STUPID, on both counts!


Keep your head smartly pointing away from people and use your albow area to cough, don’t use your hands and turn your air way away from other people this Covid is no joke and we can seriously f christamas by not doing these things everybuddy no matter what colour sex choice or what ever you are cause I think cats and dogs even can get sick from this covid and spread it.


At the other place in a different instance 25 minutes after the above story I was loading at another supplier. This one I am getting blocks to reshore old woodn structure up so that they are safe for snow load and will last another few years.


While in the material yard one of the guys asked me to pull my truck up to the blocks, no problem – I did but the other young man that I would twist into a pretzel totally had no emotional control, his emotions actually totally turned off his fn brain.


So I am a body builder I love to work out and find it fun! Loading materials onto trucks with my comrads and countryamn is a pleasure to me, especially when the thrill of another build is under way. It is excillerating to me. I enjoy working with crews and accomplishing tasks, and have managed up to 24 guys myself in the last 5 years and build with teams as big as 200 per shift you don’t last long if you are sitting there taking facts as emotional response generators, you don’t go any where.


So what I did was open my side pasenger door, and opened my back tail gate where there was already 12 foot lumber hannging out the open window and told the guys to load them in, and I did my due diligence and kept my 6 feet embracing the free loading that my suppliers give me the benefit of when I want it. The one guy was totally cool coming from a job boss in London going back to 2003, but the other young gent about 21 or 22 was not all there in this team effort to beat covid. He got his back up when I asked him to clean off snow from the blocks and put them in my truck but I was keeping my distance and not giving a hand as much as I physically could have. His attidude was emotional and to be frank primitive. At the same time I am a job boss and have put Hospitals up around the continet. As well I am training for Occupational Health and Safety Certification with many years as a first aider and even Abulance Class Drivers abilitis. I am analyzing and preparing for health care and injuring situations all the time, all the time – the young man has much, much time to listen and learn from me, or 30 years of my youtube or similar bonified or certified persons educations – hence the word mentor.


This guy would be very quicly off my team - so I didn’t go full force to wheere for example I was attacked one year directing and emotional man and the RCMP ended up taking him to jail via the hospital after he attacked me and the hotel I was coughing out money for up to 4 men at once.


Like that is really stupid thinking and at the same again, time with covid a foot – iits a great time to each other respect forget although I love Christams lets worry about our freakin survival guys please.


Like you can be making the bucks, strong as what evern or poor and die very quickly of this threat right now. Manners, politesness and courtesness similarily to driving in the city will and does save lives. Please no matter what flex your best edicate right now and don’t let emotional behavior blind you.


Great life lesson covide or not! Maybe, lets talk religion. I am a born again Christena I know God, he exist and has flexed his weight in my life to unimaginable level. I could say its fair right now that he is kicking our ass and possibly bringing us back to a time where manners where more common and people where not in such a rush, I be-leave possibly I am by far not God, but mabey he is teaching us a harsh lesson and people who don’t use there manners and fall victim to ill emotion, are rolling the dice that their mother or father or brother who has azma or cancer or just not the amune system to over come for the current strain of covid going around his neighbor hood and will die before the vaccine is here and prooving its working – we don’t even know if the vaccine in its self would cause horrendous damage to other human systems if in fact it even does cure the mass of us. So lets beat this damn thing buy slowing the risk by just being good and pateinte, be friendly say happy holidays, and keep it to six feet. Even at the till with a line up behind me of people mostly spaced at 2 meters or six feet, except for a couple dum asses that pushed through line ups with zero brains or pateinece. Like it aint’ worth it, don’t take advantage of the facts but really corordinate your ways or your putting your loved ones, your self and us, the community at risk.


God bless you and get over the emotional edge, be disciplened social distance at all cost don’t be un patient and worry so much, nothing is more important then staying safe and its not amatter of laws or free will its a matter of facts - texas wanted to be the rough free cowboy so now has Alberta, Alberta is in a state of emergency and Texas has rolled in the national guard to berry the dead! Can you imagine?


The local fire base rolling in with their covid gear on to berry the most dangerous of us all? The covid Bodies! Yikes – I thought I was stunned now! After that we will all have ptsd. Lets be good here in Canada/London, Ontario! Any where and play the facts.

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