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This is the DRV Directors white paper report on what todo with san fransisico.


In not wanting to leave my patriot dad, Mr. Trudeau with a million reasons, but including a longing to post my brothers in the USA where I know suffering has long been observed here is what my report is enjoy - and act before God.


In doing a research initiative in to 2020 trends in the Bay area of San Fransisco I have found some similarities to the Canadian communities and it lead me to quite the ponder.


An excerpt from my #2 favorite book comes from the 1970 Queen Endorsed Royal Canadian Air Force Survival manual and it is in the first paragraph totally hitting the nail on the head for at least two state or provincial areas.


Qoute first paragraph on the introduction


In recent years many advances have been made in the development of clothing, equipement and rations for survival aqnd the techniques for their use. However, regardless of how good equipment is or how good the techniques for its use are, the man faced with a survival situation still has himself to deal with. Man’s psychological reactions to the stresses of survival often make him unable to utilize his available resources.


End quote



Is North America the heart of the captilast this beast of inability? At this point from a Christeans point of few we don’t have balance with God - and I am not a bigget although a traditional Christean and have had descrimination against me for that worse then other groups who claim the same.


So in my point of few, there is a knife in the back of the middle class from susiety and capitalism that says cheat. Cheat the little guy cheat yourself from being with God, and cheat your countrymen.


Here we have a financial zoning of individuals that put them into a very high stress area.


Currently we have a sector that is growing less avaialbe and thus we have freedom in USA and Canada shrinking. San Fransisco identically to Calgary or London Ontario have a shortage of affordable housing. Not housing, but affordable. The bulk of the housing is above the finacial grasp of the people who need it. What a conundrum. This stress that this mathematical screw up is causing people that are not upper middle class any more but actually um hitting lower middle class and that class is in essence below the povery line then what do we have. Freedom isn’t there to live happily as a run of the mill average Joe. So what is going on?


In the face of covid we have in London, Ontario people running each other over. I belive from my observing of Canada that people are stressed and not thinking about what they are doing.


Here is the second paragraph from my #2 favorite book secound only to a clean un edited version of the Wholly Bible – and this paragraph speaks to everyone diversity is just apart of the numbers has nothin todo with me.


Quote from Chapter 1 of the Royal Canadian Air Forces had book Copyright 1970 on sevival called “Down and out”, Chapter 1 Psychological Aspects of Survival


Start Quote


The information avialble in this field is far from complete but enough has been done to give an understanding of some of the majore psychological factors involved in survival. While much of this information could be lavelled common sense, it should be remembered that common sense under stress had led to the deaths of many very able, apparently sensible persons.


Wow right now I am seeing the riots of the world and I have empathy label me, be discriminatory – but look india, holand Canada even last year burning trains in Canada – thats a first for Erik Parti – never burned a train or conceived we had trains getting burned last year people are up set thus, hecne forth balance – common sense aint there.


When speaking on a more personal one on one level social distancing is essential in your (each on of us and personally who cares more about number 1 then number 1) people have not been able to have common sence, and for the people of California in Fires and covid wow the stress of finacial grasping of the bills that are higher then that of the carpenter, or dress fitter or shoe guy, or any traditional ma and pa “I just want to be an average Joe” choice is gone – hence loss of freedom. And to end the thought making it harder to do things out of the ordinary required by that of science to save your life – hence social distancing, hand sanitizing and waring masks.


So from a Canadian national Job boss who whim self, and not going into my own poor me’s here – but what is needed to get the world back on its feet is common sense sacrifices! We need to give to our selfs the fact that we need to social distance, it more important then hugs, and again this article is inspired by a Canadian DRV held back from bureaucracy to be boots on the ground so I did what I can from a far to help the Californians cause they are in need and to pompously sit back and laugh and not react makes humanity a fail. But at the same time this article is good learning and actual reference to my own teachings from the Canadian Military.


Stress is causing us to not social distance and to get the economy back to where it needs to be we need to have the recreation of a good sound and happy choice of freedom to be a happy middle class member of society.


So to end this letter I am soliciting as consultant to the world surviving covid, 1. don’t riot be good be a positive member of society with common sense. 2. Social distance rich and poor till covid is at 0% weather it be from social disciplining with masks or vaccines work just 0% is humanities target thats your marker every buddy on earth to know when to stop wearing your masks 3. Big business to get our world back to a stable place where we can work on other problems like community fire reclamation, up global warming, ahhh hello Global warming = fires although God has a plan to save us hes laughing right now at us. Any ways Big business if you got 10 000 homeless in the area and you have apartment priced for higher then it costs for those people to live happily then your apartments are over priced. Big Corporate Business your a joke – the richest man in the world wants to pay minimum wage and take home billions – dude your going to hell ok! If you are a baptized Christian or Jew you are going to hell for that condemnation on the little workn man who works for you! Do you have no appreciation? This isn’t my opinion as I sit with book, the defacto law of Canada and the USA The Wholly Bible! Jewish law states LOVE THIGH NEIGHBOR! Put it this way if you can reach out to him or him to you! He is your neighbor. Thihk about that! You have richess for less then 100 years then you get to stand before mighty Jesus and he will say, “Do you think what you have done is worthy of presence?” And you will immediately know how many will step to the pit?


Wages are to low and bills are to high to get the world back to normal we need that to change 110%.


Jesus is the majic peney as it is written God loves, and Jesus is our example if we are hording and not giving or at least having common sence for the mechanics of your community that is diverse spectrum, but financially if you are pushing tax haven to where you are getting in one tax rebate more then the guys paying for the tax rebate will get, YOUR COUNTRYMAN in 100 lives! Does that make sence especially when kids are in dangerous or abuses, prostitution and are hungry and not safe – you think your hang with Jesus! NOPE!


Thats my piece on survival and what we got to do to get the world back to happy.


I have also put together hazard and risk scenarios families and groups like your friends at the college dorm or what ever can use to make decisions – they off course with the San Francisco and other areas of mass tragedy there will be more line items to think about. I put the forms together so that people can engage with their families with a very serious set of questions and get to the bottom of common sense and over come what is going on with success that covid goes to 0% and they survive and be happy.


Good for reading;


Erik the Craftsman

Construction Boss and Director of the Disaster Relief Volunteers in Canada





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