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I Lost My Job Due To Coronavirus: A Survival Guide

 by Mark Miller - Bootcamp

In 2020, Americans faced the worst economic crisis in living memory. This brought along a massive wave of lay-offs that turned people’s lives upside down. These are hard times, but things seem to be looking up. If you have found yourself unemployed during the Covid-19 crisis, remain calm above all else, and read through these steps to optimize your new job search. 

Accept Your Emotions 

Right after you’re laid-off, you’re going to feel a strong surge of emotions: panic at the uncertainty of the future, excitement for new opportunities, rage … the list goes on. Let them flow, accept them, and then move on. 


Do not allow yourself to dwell on the past. Instead, focus your energy on the future. Define a plan of activities to help you in your job search, and stick to it with the rigor of a regular job. 

Structure Your Time

One of the most tangible effects of being recently unemployed is the sudden lack of routine. This is why it’s vital to your progress that you design a new daily routine. You need to structure your job search to ensure that you are dedicating enough time to it. Sometimes, tasks that we dread seem to drain us of energy. We get the impression that we have worked very hard at something when in reality we have not been very productive.

It’s a good idea to set a daily alarm to wake up, shower, and eat like you were going to work. Then start working on specific goals that you have established. Just like going to work. 

Communicate With People

Tap into your network to let them know that you’re looking for opportunities. Talk to them about your abilities and skills. Mention what type of work you’re interested in, but make clear that you’d be open to trying new things.


If you know a specific way in which they can help you, don’t be shy—tell them. Being coy is not going to lead you anywhere. For example, if you think this person’s company might be looking for employers, mention it. Most of the time, these things don’t even cross other people’s minds unless you mentioned them, and you’re the interested party.


Explore All Fronts


You need to be adaptable in your efforts. The current job market is hard and drastically different from years before. So do your research on companies you’re interested in. Find out how their business model has changed since the pandemic; how they have adapted.

Also, try to pinpoint what skills have become valuable these days, and see which ones you can apply in your career path. These last months we have seen exponential growth in remote work and tech-based services, so learning about coding or web development might be a smart move. 


Above all, explore all paths to determine which ones you want to pursue. Do not let your previous work experience limit you. If you find something that you think you’d be good at, have a look into it. Investigate job opportunities in the field, and start applying. If you need to learn a new skill, find ways to do it. You can thrive in any area with effort and preparation. 

Manage Your Finances

Going through your numbers is uncomfortable, yes. But then you’re in control. Knowing exactly how much money you can rely on is vital. This is the most effective way to assess your situation. 


Determine how much money you have, including that from your severance package. Then make a budget of necessities, and get rid of any discretionary expenses. If you’re not producing money, you can’t be spending as if you were. 


Formulating a good budget can buy you a lot more time to find a new position. This all depends on your lifestyle too, but it’s a place to start in taking control of your situation and finances.


Looking for a job is an exercise in consistency and adaptability. Remember to dive into every possibility and see it for its potential. Don’t get stuck in the past and soon enough you’ll get to where you want to be. Persevere and you will conquer—it’s not the end of the world!

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