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Pictures of moulds in weird places


 Here is a picture of mould on a south facing wall with lots of sun!

Toxic Black Mould flourishing on a south facing wall February 15 2020 London, OntarioToxic Black Mould flourishing on a south facing wall February 15 2020 London, Ontario


This is a link to some, just a very small few of the jobs where mold was found by myself working in Calgary between 2014 and 2019 please follow the link away from my secure site to a google cloud page on another platform I help to build 

I am not trying to cause a bad idea here for Calgary, I am just pretty sure that there is a growing issue with mold and its link-able to crime rate in the country, I actually know it is already at very serious, past the point of just "following building construction procedure" because of my own observations in so many health, and mental health cases across the country.  We are better to go into a state of pause then to continually build this stuff right into homes, cause it is I mean, people can not handle this stuff and it is every where - I am estimating a crime catastrophe as people go into psychosis in large volume.  I know guys out there will actually want to shoot me for posting that but I can't let homes I build have so much black toxic mould that some Dr in the USA are actually linking to serial killings.

I first posted this site after a day with another gentleman, he argued with me about the stuff, then he started getting dyslexia, and he is a guy who doesn't regularly get dyslexia, we built almost a dozen high end in fills in Calgary that where full of mould and I can't say its sitting well that we build them, they where built with very bad poison right beside where beds and living quarters where going to be.  


The pictures at the link above, are from several small renovations, where I was seeing the wood, in homes, and worse to my real fear serious toxic mould right on brand new wood straight off the supply chain trucks ready for install I did my best to try and neutralise the wood incubated stuff, but something needs to happen 100% of the time for the police sake, this stuff is really like LSD.


This isn't isolated I have seen it right across Canada, and its leading me to believe the forest fires might be good, burning away cause they will burn this crap out of the lumber supply, cause you can see right in the one picture a kinda dark marble look, guys laughed at me about that stuff, and then when we cut it on site, they got dyslexic and sick it can't be right putting that into structure, essentially interior.  Its like red alert warning, and I am seeing this dirty looking stuff everywhere in Canada something is up, and it is horrible for your health.


I believe it is link-able to;



Nero logical degenerative diseases for sure

kidney value

Mood disorder


Lung disease

Episode of psychotic  behavior

Delusions and hallucinations







My hypothesies is that the whole formula right now as it sits, needs to be looked at from a higher level then monetary gain, like our building sector is not right - my mentor and I are like loosing sleep, the machine is going and we are building death.  With mould in stick frame homes, the gases that come off of mould while it eats materials make for tinder box type consistencies, especially where the mould is eating and air gets in to the wooded areas.   I have even seen mould eating steal.   


Something in the environment is sparking this proliferation of mould and I think there are some very serious anomalies.   

I have other things here in to add, but to keep it simple I am going to cut this short and try to bring this page and links to a more presentable fact charting.


Thank you;

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