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Why 5g is enough!

I believe that we need to put the breaks on the super microwaving of our little space ship environment that we call Earth's atmosphere!   


We live here day and night 24 /7.  I guess considering we are now in the space age blast it a bit so we don't puke our guts out all the way to Mars from intergalactic radiation poisoning! 

Then there is God!   He spent some time to build our earth and built what is good here around what and how it is built and works - we gotta remember that industries of the land!  

ya great you made 9 billion last year - I wouldn't take a billion dollars for the smell and ability to smell the Yukon's Summer or the great lakes beaches!  Oh YOU just cant get that with everything on fire HENCE CALIFORNIA -OR THE BOREAL FOREST IN CANADA EVERY YEAR GETTING WORSE AND WORSE- hence what is being perpetuated with our love of wifi.

The pure science of; WiFi, cell, and blue tooth is microwave frequencies!   

Where else - here is a good one for my thesis - or the class room when I am professing to be a professor!   Where else do you see microwave technology being used in our day to day life?   In the kitchen!  Your microwave oven!  Ok so we are putting up these ugly as HELL industrial Christmas decorations everywhere.  Do you know they are like drugs - if you take to much you die! 

Another  idea - lets think about the microwave oven what if we put it on high with our brains in the thing?   What about our skin tissues the girls and lots of guys care really, really lots about ABOUT THERE FACES!   We can't just nuke our self's and cell phones in many countries come like cigarettes in Canada, with warning or radiation burns!  Doesn't that tell us a lot about the stuff?  The same radiation comes from your;  cell phone, cell towers, wifi internet routers, wireless tv's printers and is not good for you while you are sleeping!  When you sleep your brain actually is trying to drain its self of heavy metals and other gunk.  If you are dehydrated which is the effect from over microwaving yourself, then you will get high rate and suffer from sleeping issues!  


shut your wifi off, definitely don't leave blue tooth on, or a router with in 1 meter from your head, I recommend shutting of a wireless router every night to not only give the house hold a "quite" time, but it also cut downs on microwave radiation and most wireless net connections will recet when the power is off the ip address - so its actually good for your own house hold internet security.  So if you aren't sleeping well - drink lots of water so your brain is hydrated when you sleep and shut the wifi down!  Boarding houses are on my list of dangerous places because if you have a wifi router shooting out to six people downloading movies  - you might actually be in a zone that has higher radiation levels then what are allowed by law and this scenario is a legal conundrum at this point.   What about being on the bus or c train with 30 cellular customers all down loading with in 10 meters of your seat?  That actually could give you radiation poisoning, just so you know that next time we can actually get out in numbers and enjoy being free of covid, it might not be the drinks but the wifi/cell radiation that is making you sick in down town where 60 000 unique users are using cell phone radiation technology to down load off the free city hall, or timmy's or McD's or library internet router.

I beleave right now, some colleges are actually horrendously dangerous for long term occupancy because of the over use of the wifi connecting hot spots through out the school, image getting shot with enough cell radiation through a wifi internet router to command the home work of 14 000 students all at once?  Like is that good for your eyes or testicles or face tissue?


Do you care?  What are we doing when we have 150 paid for internet over wireless connections in a home apartment building, and then a wireless cell transmitter on the roof of the building?  Um well how many do we need close to our skin for the Atmosphere of Earth to be in comparison a massive microwave oven?    Microwave technology is used in the treatment of wood - in my building construction sector!  Some suppliers use it to super dry wood - think about what cell and wifi technology is doing to the forest as we constantly up the dial on it over time.  It use to be email, then it was google maps, and pictures now its live broadcasts and movies!  Like there is a limit just like everything.   

Hence the fires guys!   We gotta slow down on wifif and cell and protect our self's - in intelligence gathering.  Propaganda is there - but at this juncture I am not voting to be nuked ok we need a hard wired infrastructure with minimal radiation decimating all that is good from above I know the big ticket guys want that everywhere its easy money once set up but it can't be done and for every action there is payment in a reaction!   

I don't think the Iron man of our reality has thought about destroying the earth via to much of that yet cause he is rushing for money the great blinder of sense of man - but now you know - and my thoughts are with in three years of global internet frequency we will have an over wealming problem with self starting fires globally! What do I know!  I never got paid for knowing right before a cell phone was going to ring by way of massive head ache while I was on city buses!  

So to conclude - here it is oh ya hes bad - he loves pretty woman!  How could a straight man who wants his own kids love pretty woman!  Waite nothin is wrong with me!  ITS YOU!  I don't want ugly woman all over from to much radiation on there face ok!  Lets be weary of the bulk use danger of to many cell connections in our area thus the over spending of the healthy atmosphere condition we the Christians, and Erik The Craftsman knows God, its not a question of faith, God has revealed himself to me and he is unequivocally apart of this world!  If we want to destroy his paradise he gave us each a small time to enjoy!   Be ready buddy -  the spirits are with the oceans, forest and the animals!  Its not worth it - global money making at the cost of freedom of health and species we -YOU WILL PAY!


Erik The Craftsman


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