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Notes: How your health care correlates to the living environment!

Health care versus living environment 

– January 16 2021 by Erik Parti

Canadian Master Builder and Certified Safety Officer


In first thought I was thinking Capital Hill Washington 2021 was a pictures roll out of my favorite quarterbacks last minute play call to get a field goal! 

Close race down in the states and I must say, Biden is now in!   I wonder if he is still going to work on the Freedom walls or not!


My thoughts on the wall!  Their good thing, like break water! Here is my additions to them if by God I got the chance to make a difference on it!


From a Canadians point of view they would help us over all!  Yes if you considered us not having any freakn guns of our own, we are in a criminal adult babysitting needed place because of our programmed in state of stupidity!

The Don, was trying to put a door on the house ok - Moma be more comfortable knowing they can lock the girls in the house and sleep a little safer- I am sure the Texans and Arizonians would definitely APPRECIATE THE WALL!

  Boss just wanted it done!  The difference when Dad was asking for a screwdriver N no one helped out!   For Canadian and USA agendas it would be good!  Justin doesn't have to worry as much about guns and what else?  But if they are going to come they are going to come, we have lots of shops in the country and there is a lot of water ports and plain traffic!  So I think build the wall do it in the name of something to pay guys and gals to do!


I know how that feels when you are working with a construction crew and they just don't listen!  The worst is when you gave food and helped guys get off the street then they gang up and mutiny!  So God Bless the Don HES THE PRESIDENT - WE CAN SAY I HATE HIM BUT HIS FAMILY LOVES HIM, THAT IS GOOD - DONS FAMILY IS A GOOD SYMBOL TO ME OF LOVE AND RESPECT FOR THEIR FATHER - that is required by God - FOR THAT I GIVE HIM RESPECT and God will  too for that! GOOD EXAMPLE THEIR!  GOOD TOO ON PENCE THE SOLID!   YOU GUYS ARE A TIME PIECE! Perfect army is built of men like Mike Pence!  SOLID!


I put down some other notes here about how your living environment might make you sick or have emotional problems and used the White House as a scenario.  

We know aluminum is already a major fail,

and no, no guys!  So any of you leaders, if aluminum is in it!  Credit-ability of the producer of new vaccines in my opinion shot! 

That is not the cure if the aluminum molecule is in it-too me!

My point of view and I don't give a shit if the greed monger can't handle my ponder, but vaccine's touting aluminum are a money grab!  These concoctions will bring about horrendous effects on humans. Don't waste my countrymen's coin please - here is a cheer - I say aluminum!, you say aluminum - ALUMINUM I Say aluminum you say "Dementia", you say, "Alzheimer's Disease"!  I say aluminum you say "brain disorders!", say "No aluminum in my body!"  "GOOOO PPE and social distancing!  Has Donald taken the Vaccine?  Has this caused any adverse personality or other reactions?   I am not personally going to take a vaccine if the metal aluminum or other heavy metals are present because I know they lead to major and severe problems!  I would rather chance covid then these damaging side effects! 

I don't think its worth paying for these things until the vaccine is 110% satisfactory, Public pressure doesn't constitute satisfaction

- people are acting ridiculous and primitive in the eyes of death - we need to be smart and stop greed mongering AND WORK ON COMMON SENSE damn it stinks -THIS LACK OF MINDEDNESS IS REALLY CRAPPY AND CRAMPING MY FREEDOMS GUYS! But I guess there is a sence, heere any ways that the baby sitting will work! Lol So mabey some day when my body is letting is kid play with his mussle loader and doesn't even clear the chamber before he pretends to shoot down the hall sceezing the trigger!   Well um daddy needed a babysitter cause guess what that pissed me off to see that so I gave them shit!  It coulda brook the family!  The where tested but an SKS WITH ONE ROUND shot into a family members abdomen is not really cool to me!

Today if I was and sorry everyone but for people storming the White House and others in Canada running Canadians over with their cars to horde in Walmart's and pass around covid - ohhh my God you people need babysitters - I DON'T! PLEASE RIGHT SOME OTHER RULES FOR well I guess I have had problems - so I am going to be less judgemental today and more so hopefully!  But   IOOOIIIOOIIIII  I EVEN KICKED A GUYS DOOR IN WHO LATER DIED, AND HAD PEOPLE WHILE I WAS STILL IN THE SAME COVERALLS - "OH ITS OK!"  NO ITS NOT GET THE HECK AWAY FROM ME A MAN JUST DIED WHO I LITERALLY HELPED INTO THE EMS VEHICLE AND HE DIED!


About the Don  is he suffering from acute symptoms of any un accredited sicknesses presenting themselves around the Don's stomping grounds possibly even ingested or exposing into Juliani-

I have; lost sleep, cried, laughed, bin saddened, contemplated how to help - bin terrified for the world, the USA, and have pondered, some understanding about The Donald's most resent, more bizarre then ever contagious & ridiculous behavior!


The crazy behavior is indicative to acts of behavior that is weird - that I have witnessed in many areas of Canada!   I believe we have another anomaly that should be observed and hopefully taken note of to better the Earth!


List of hypothesis from a Canadian expert builder and Certified Safety Officer;

  1. Presence of black mould or fungai in White House carpet and air way systems, behind walls, or in sub structures and window areas (black mold is being linked to psychopathic personalities across the USA), possibly in other big buildings the Don attends across the USA could be in persons personal bodily cavities and dispelled similarly to covid through the respiratory system.  Black mould is present all over the world, and is a very dangerous acute living organism that from management or governmental point of view, there are very wide spread differentiation in the attention and respect given to it, but I will tell you from major structural members in Toronto, Ontario to flood land wood members in the Yukon and even new homes in Calgary Alberta I have seen this stuff everywhere and it is devastating.  It is always around in areas I build in that are suffering from high levels of behavioral problems and crime, Like London, Ontario and Calgary - Calgary Alberta since the recent extreme moisture weather phenomenon of 2013 has had both an explosion in crime, doubling from 2014-2018 but also black mould is evident everywhere in the city from new homes to old!  The worst thing I am seeing are the people not giving it credit in the building sector and doing a good job with vapor barriers and other sealing stuff.
  2. Dirty high efficiency lighting
  3. that is pulsing at an unstable beat - if presented on a sign wave monitor the light signal intervals would be a jagged irregular pulse pattern
  4. Similarly to the "Dirty" energy of the lights, EMF and pooling radiation in the oval office and the living areas where these two men of our time have spent lots of time - possibly exhibiting at this juncture a reaction that is out of character and amplifying by way of irritation, other underlying stresses and emotions.  Ultra High or low frequency coming from some monitoring of institution services or some other stuff - spy stuff used and focused on the Oval Office possibly the Don's cell coordinates.
  5. Lack of oxygen - pooling like the clouds we need to be considerate - the big cities will have pooling exhaust gases low in oxygen.   
  6. An anomaly of the above that we must start considering as our world gets intensified WITH A COMBINATION OF MOULD, AND TRANSIENT RADIATION THAT WE ARE MAXED OUT ON - STOP WITH THE WIFI CELL EVERYTHING GUYS BEFORE THE PLANTS DON'T GROW FOOD  - we have to be clean and we have to be efficient and we must observe the bodies tolerances to wifi, cell, microwave - which these three are essentially the same thing as the technology that runs and cooks and destroys nutrients hence forth your house hold microwave oven!  Has the Don been in an area that he has been super irritated past his ability to embrace the greatest moment of his life?   The closing and sealing of history!  HES THE PRESIDENT OF THE UNITED STATES HOW IS PASSING THE TORCH OF THAT POSSIBLY IN ANY MANNER ANYTHING BUT TO BRING SMILES!   


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