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Construction Contract Payments

Contracts are set and agreed upon in writing to protect both the customer and the contractor.

Erik The Craftsman excepts cash, email money transfer and certified cheques and sets up for mortgage and lending partner protocol.

Construction Project Lines Of Credit

I am setting back up to take Credit Card's through the site again and there will be a credit partner linked to that where you can go through the third party credit app that will pay me in full and you can make arrangements with them on your schedule.  I don't mind this at all but you take the responsibility of credit surcharges as the customer using the credit institution, actually its great for me cause I get paid when I hit my work benchmarks and the credit company deals with you on your agreed upon terms.

Work suspended upon fraudulent customer financial submission and payment promise default

I reserve the right when customers are in payment default to cease work until a payment proposal is made to me in writing with out loss or penalty for timely additions to any contract.

When we engage in a contract together I am expecting you to keep your payment promises to me when in writing, and verbally.  If you say you are going to be there at 6 and don't call me and don't show up and I was promised a payment from you that is very disrespectful to me.   A person trusting me with their biggest assets then breaking promises in the middle of a job is just not good business and I expect if for some reason you are late or didn't get a release of funds when expected and we are now in breach of written and/or verbal times - I need to get told what is going on, encoring me will just cause problems and cost me unnecessary stress and I will not enjoy thinking my customer had an accident. Please if you are late or something comes up simply call me and let me know with in 15 minutes of being late or in default of payments so we can work things out.

right away have expenses, over head and operating costs to worry about.  When speaking of insurances and material delivery and security and also trades my costs can rise exponentially.

When customers make payment promises and don;t keep them we get very nervous immediately.

Construction Asset Growth Bank Progress Payments

Customers need to be very responsible with monies and don't over spend on other things when we are in cahoots where my work opens up funds to you from lenders that is suppose to go to me.  I am not a lender I am certified trades coordinator with money in and out of my accounts.

Yes I can work magic - for customers where I am opening up term or progress property lending - big money comes out of my work quickly but come on be on top of that and get it to where it needs to go. 

Security Steps For Real Estate Financial Transactions

Some people when they are getting massive amounts of bank credit for the first time get a little weird, and I have had guys dropping 10 - 12 million on my crews work where whole city blocks have been purchased and then demolished and we are rebuilding the whole neighborhood!  That can be complicated and we must act professionally and cash transactions come with a certain level of consideration.  If you have any thing you don't trust or understand or someone is acting as my agent that I have not authorized, or if any of our partners are acting in question let me know right away - and don't go through with anything that is not sensible or where there is any discomfort or misleading or false emails or transaction numbers or false request. LET ME KNOW ASAP OR OUR LENDING PARTNERS ASAP.

Be safe with our monies - Report Issues immediately- I AM ON YOUR SIDE

if I am giving you a good progress report don't just start spending, keep on the job scope payment arrangements and seriously keep the ball going - don't mess it up!  Real estate can be very rewarding, but I know  how also dangerous spending can be and you must be vigilant with money transfers to the wrong parties so be on top of emails and phantom business partners that come out of no where when you have big money changing hands that might be eaves dropping on your computer or cell or wifi - let me know if there are issues - don't, if you have any warning signs from any one hesitate to tell me  and we will get things straightened out!

Large Corps need to have a policy that respects Construction Contractors

My large construction customers will have to settle with terms to have an intermediary paid on job completion.

I do off course give warranties for those protocols in place to cover mortgage and housing protocol specification and my warranty guarantee is in place and in writing to protect you, your owners and management.   We will work together to complete work to meet and exceed neighborhood sound and air pollution mandates!  We will work out job completion levels with payments off course based on completion bench marking.

Multi unit constructionMulti unit construction