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Environmental Statement

The environment is our natural habitat.  Our house that we all share.  It is quite evident that we need to share in the curating of a healthy world.  Any one who doesn't want to except that is not being ethical or sensitive to the gift that is a healthy world organism - AND LIFE!

When doing design and planning work I take into much consideration about local environment factors and really enjoy using a soft moulding idealism when building and planning.  

When it comes down to the plan undertaking and construction work I really like to stress good ethics to be efficient and considerate of cost factors that have to do with reducing waste and carbon emissions.  

As well I like to use science as a leveraging point bring a colour pallet and angular continuities that not only give pleasurable views but also intellectual thought to how the different light times of the sun contribute to things like heating and cooling.

When selecting materials I lean towards using choice products from known Eco suppliers that last the test of time and do not decay creating un healthy gases or other un seen pollutants.

We all must do our part - for a sustainable future, get on the future train now folks!