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News: Canada

Who should I vote for in the Canadian 2021 Fall election?Who should I vote for in the Canadian 2021 Fall election?The answer to the question, "Should I get vaccinated?", is YES! Canadians say go get vaccinated! The top doctors in Canada and the USA are all urging us to do it!  SO DO IT!

Canada and USA! I waited to get my covid vaccine shots to see if they are worth it, and the answer is yes!  The pros out way the cons!   We are in a pandemic, it is no joke!  Three things to do:  1 get your free shot! 2 ware your masks while around pubic places 3 social distance until covid stops going around !  Pretty easy!  Do it if you want things to go back to normal!  We have no excuse in Canada or the USA!  Our governments have gotten us the vaccines and too have them go bad because we have false news from moron leaders with no education or government or military experience means well, don't be a moron listening too a moron!  GO GET YOUR FREE SHOT! The sooner we all get vaccinated the more left overs can go to less fortunate countries instead of going bad! The sooner we all get vaccinated will be the sooner the economy can open back up and life go back to normal!

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