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Concrete Construction -Flat Work - Floors, Driveways, Patios,Garages, Side Walks

Garage Floors and Foundation Walls



Brushed Concrete Driveways Patios and Side Walks


Exposed Aggregate Pads Driveways and Side Walks

Stamped Concrete Pads and Walkways

Concrete is a very strong building material

that also can be manipulated through the design to build process to what we wish to have constructed.

Here is a pic of Erik The Craftsman doing the concrete foundation of a Hospital Addition EMS Ambulance Emergency Bay

Flat work consists of in the construction industry

as anything flat of usually concrete, asphalt or stone products such as;

Side walks, garage floors, patios, driveways

As well we often have flat work consisting of stairs that meet flat landings and what we call "key" footings, that are essentially are part of foundations. 

Interlocking Concrete Forms

From there we go vertical and we have pony walls, ICF  (interlocking concrete forms) brick and formed concrete columns and walls or even garage park building ramps or tunnels -- and or potentially tones of other things!

Hospital EMS Ambulance Bay Completed

With single family or even medium multi use builds we will start with concrete and go; parking or foundation section with basement levels, then first or second floors all concrete!  Then switch to wood stick or steal stud for the rest of the building depending on the design.

High Efficiency Medical Building Completed

This hospital was a 2 year project and we did some of the pouring in -30 Celsius. 

Don't worry about Canadian weather 

I will make sure your job is done right.

To the left are flat work finish look options!

Each method is priced a little more expensive with brush  finish being standard and cheapest.