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Custom Carpentry & Craftsman Fabrications


Gazebo Packages

Stairs and Railings

Sun Room Packages

Windows and Doors

We design and build custom fabrications and do installation construction and carpentry of metal, stone, resins and epoxy and other materials.

Call  me for commercial or residential ideas.

I have a base rate for services in my city of London, Ontario and do custom work that can be delivered any where.

Erik The Craftsman - A fully inclusive Building Construction Contractor

Depending on what you are up to, really!  1 story, 4 stories!  Some projects I have sites go up 45 stories +

We have a demand for creative works in Canada and we have an eye for art and high quality spaces!

I pride myself a fully inclusive materials production man!  I use any and all mediums from; wood, metal and resins  and work on spaces that also will be stone and concrete inclusive!

Evolving works - gazebos to some might seem pretty simple but depending again on the type of customer you are you might be quite a piece of personality art and require a very unique creation to suite your architectural tastes when speaking of your home office or rent-able areas.

Saving the environment through a sophisticated intelligence nature centric philosophy

I can do that and enjoy using new mediums and colors across the board to keep things fresh and new, inclusions with me also are questions of lighting, and my big passion the ever more important taste of man kind merging off the focus of money but onto the money making thorough artistic jointing of nature and wildlife and urban sprawl.

Modernizing the Gazebo through thoughts of Creativity

What a great way to save the earth by contemplating what life is?  Wow are we ever cheap society what would Plato or Michelangelo say about mankind today?  I am in consideration of creating great places where nature is right out side the door so we have an opportunity to ad nature to every hard scape and ever patio deck and construct drawing.   Through doing this we do a lot for the environment by bringing in the planing and consideration to ad places right in our close living quarters that are relaxing and inviting and actually can be producing clean air, fruits, veggies and other things with out the carbon foot print of having needless shipping costs!

Design to build Canadian Gazebos and Garden Inclusions

Lets design some great gardens into your deck and gazebos and front walks and other places!

Gazebo Construction Permits

A back yard gazebo structure does NOT need a permit when:

  • Is under 10 m2 (107 sq. ft.), and
  • It is not attached to a house (see additions), and
  • Is not in the front yard, and
  • It meets the height restrictions.