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Custom out door construction built for your commercial or residential aspirations!Custom out door construction built for your commercial or residential aspirations!


Gazebos can be used for a lot of different reason including finishing off that perfect back yard experience.

As well I really enjoy the idea of night lights and party lights being stylishly run for night time decorating and use.

As well being a master craftsman with 29 years of "real" experience its pleasurable to me to show off my skills by creating different additions to customize your carpentry experience.  

We can ad custom herb or veggie boxes, bird houses, or even bee houses if you want!   

I am a Christean naturalist and like any good religious person incorporate the natural world into all of my thoughts and designs because the little guys are important to our good living!


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Construction art, design construct unique visions, enjoyed = amazing gazebos

 Coming into my climax here I am well rounded.  Coming up to a level where design is now a constant part of my thought process and also, I am considering long lasting work that can be enjoyed and maybe even remembered after my time around here is over - I am ready to push the limits for high end customers, weather you are a big customer with 5000 units that you would uniquely like created similar but so that each of your tenants or condo customers can have a singular piece of the some times dauntingly similar city scape.