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Roofing & siding services

With global warming its a major ponder in my mind all the time.  Siding and roof systems play a major factor in the heating and cooling of a home.   As well if they are not done right, then the home is not going to last as long because water damage causes rout and evil moulds that will cause problems such as dislexia, and structural damage in the house.

There is alot of stuff I won't do any more because I have been doing so much for so long, I see from 12 years ago doing stucco, then 2017 or what ever doing renovations, Stucco I don't like especially Sand and cement with the supper hot sun its a night mare for mould behind the wall cladding of a house.   its so bad, you don't want to be in a hotel or a home that is super tight building wrapped with that because moisture continuously gets in from condensation, but it cant get out - its a night mair.  

I am witnessing, that homes that I see where there is realsionship issues with family members, 9 times out of ten, if a kid is having behavioural problems or Mom and Dad are getting violent - I can find black mould somewhere in the house. 

This past Fall we had two guys fall off the same roof on a buddy of mines project, he runs his own logo, guess what, I went up and I knew it right away.  I was nervouse and dislexic, that is what black mould does, it was under the cedar shakes and the guys where getting sick.   Another house a man and a wife had a violent break up and sure enough, when my partner bought up the house and i went in with the crew to renovate, black mould everywhere.  If you guys are reading this post, think about that.  I feel so bad for them.


I do hardy board, I like, vinyl siding, and the very high end stone is the way to go, houses need to breath. 


As well if roofs aren't vented with the proper code science- what happens is people will die of co2 poisoning from vents backing up exost air in to the home, or your upper floors will just be un amaginallbly hot in the summer sun, cause that hot air will pressure rise the roof adic space and force supper hot air into the home. 

Don't go too cheep! Get it done right!

A family almost died of Co2 in the Yukon.   Another peer builder called me in.  He said,"Erik, I don't know what is going on with my roof it is flooding, and pooring in, can you replace it for me."  I said,"Sure".  "Let me go take a look."   I went up, it was about -30 C that day in Whitehorse, Yukon Territories.  I got on the roof and started doin what I do, house doctorin.  I cleared some snow, it wasn't that deapp maybe 30 cms.   I searched around checked the vents - then I found it.   Where the propane furnace chimney vent was, the stack was set on the roof to low for the top of the snow.   What was going on was the chimney stack was causing the snow to melt, the freeze again.  It was a little reservoir that was now holding water in a hot pool higher then the leafing of the asphalt shingles.  So I could have told him I needed to replace the whole roof, that he just spent $7000 on, and the installers couldn't figure out what the problem was -  so I told him the truth.  I extended the stack to almost 5 feet higher then code.  Pooling stopped so did the leak.  I am pretty sure that if I didn't extend the stack and just took him for a roof re do, his family would of died from backed up carbon monoxide going into the house when the ice completely covered the stack.

Another family had died that year in Whitehorse, this was about 2012 - the whole family of 5 died and so did the nanny.

For residential customers we offer new roof and siding installation, as well as various roof restoration options up to complete roof replacement. We help you choose the materials that best suit your needs and house design. Our careful maintenance will keep your new or repaired roof in proper condition and your house safe from damage caused by leaks.