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This is a full home retrofit after completion! 
This is a full home retrofit after completion! Renovation & Additions

This picture is a full home retrofit with full exterior and interior renovation!
We did work including; basement demolition and floor excavation, in-ground pool put in basement with fire places and media rooms,  major re-framing of dormers and windows and garage doors!

The windows where demolition and I  changed them out for triple pain Energy Star windows all around the house. 

As well the siding was all tested for asbestoses and demolition and all new stucco and decorative stone was put back with new front stairs, front door and back door!

When Does a Renovation Require a Permit?

Typically interior renovations and changes to existing basements do NOT need a permit when the work consists of minor cosmetic upgrades.

In most situations your interior renovation or basement development will only require a building safety approval (building permit) if your design or location does not meet land use bylaw specifications you will also require planning approval (Development Permit).‚Äč

Renovations Scheduling

Scheduling your renovation into a good time in your life is a good thing especially if you are a renovator with a busy family or someone that can't or doesn't want to totally vacate the home for one reason or the other.

In most of my really nice cases where I am working with big developers or customers that have prepared mental and financially for the work , if we are coming in for a full demolition and retrofit of a building its best to vacate either the whole home or building or piece by piece divisible by dumpster sizes and workable corridors for safe worker and trade access with out having to much clutter or unsafe areas.

In the event of prime property owners or manager calling me to do work I don't mind managing larger projects.

Families and Renovations

With families we will strive to work around your families safety and do a thorough planning and consult including planning out of as many problems as possible before the work starts.  I also like getting materials for demolition tested for dangers before the work even begins, well that is part of the work.

Certified Renovation and Construction Management Pays Off

Keeping the day to day work flow takes patience planning and knowledge of job daily challenges and potential for side tracks.  

A good manager will understand how to mitigate things like late material orders and other issues.   Bad days happen and you have to be prepared as a manager in construction to deal with the worst case scenario.  Having safety plans in place, and being ready for things like dust in the air, or concrete slurry is a must especially with more and more cities pushing for green construction.   It is very important that we manage your project so that all materials even if it is just dirty air are totally controlled and disposed of in the proper manner.

Good Management and Safety Organization

Good management will be ready before the concrete guys get there so that no concrete slurry messes up the neighbors or goes down the city drain, or any other even more toxic and dangerous materials that could hurt not only fish and wildlife down line from the city storm drains but also locals in the area if we aren't taking advantage of building regulations through proper worker certification and on the job knowledge of how to block of side walks, or fence up excavations or have adequate spotters on job and priced into a job for things like working at heights or areal lift teams or when heavy equipment is in busy neighborhoods where bi law permits work but under sticked rules. 

Construction Progress Endearing to Local Rules and Regulations

marked danger conditions and fences and you have to be  OK with tough talk and being honest in the event of stress.   Lies and b.sing never help if there are problems and its best to be clear with the plan new people in the industry will have a hard time admitting to you the customer when there are problems especially when the budget is tight, that is a no no.

I pride myself in being a certified knowledgeable expert and i don't skip any of the building code and law onion layers because they are there to keep Canada safe and healthy place to live.

At the same time its just better all around to do things right when renovating or doing new construction.

Your neighbors will respect you for hiring a good contractor

Be held high in your neighborhood when you are doing your next home build or renovation.  Your neighbors will appreciate you spending the extra few bucks to do a good safe job and it will ad up on your long term insurance payments and the over all value of your home when you get a job done to Canadian standard no matter who you are.

For more information on Construction Safety and Management contact Erik The Craftsman