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Erik The Craftsman provides supply and install - New Floors &  interior flat work -  vinyl, wood, tile. 

Custom Work Orders Available! Click here to order now!

New Floor Purchasing Tip:

Its nice when customers can come to me and allow me to supply and install.  This is better so that customers are guaranteed to get quality products installed properly.   So everyone loves shopping but at the end of the day quality matters so I am making it simple - choose what you like and I'll make sure the stock is here with me, or quality approved on purchase order then pick it up and my team will install it with a Craftsman and Manufacturer's Warranty.

How to order a new floor

Simply check out the gallery below!  Take a look at what you like - choose something hit the order link and then write me a note stating; Its me so and so I like this product for this room at such and such address - then hit send!  I will be able to do all the rest with out pushy sales guys or liquidators wanting just to drop product in the middle.

Product choices

Enjoy our selection and if what you want isn't on our list simply send a note about what you are looking for!  And I will expand the lists and give you a direct from the craftsman custom quote.

New Floors & interior flat work - vinyl, wood, tile - Gallery 2022