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New House Packages are Deliverable Any where in Canada

Stay tuned to this page as it is under constant development! The house packages here are not a limitation of what can be done for you, just a very short list of examples. 

Your specific dreams are simply limited to your budget, and the property size you have to build on!  

Contact Erik The Craftsman too make your dream start to happen today! Click here!

2021 Erik The Craftsman's New Home Packages

I can build to suite and have been working around Canada for 27 years and am able to deliver any where in the country. 

With passion, I also have love for remote mountain builds or island estate builds where other contractors will not have the ability to facilitate your goals! 

London, Ontario, Halliburton, Thousand Islands, Toronto or where ever you want to live in Canada the home of your dreams becomes reality with a note to Erik The Craftsman on this site!

The Modern Urban Ranch House Package

The Modern Urban Ranch HomeThe Modern Urban Ranch Home

 $595 000.00* Canadian













The Modern Urban House Package

The Modern Urban Home PackageThe Modern Urban Home Package

$550 000.00 Canadian*






The Modern Executive House Package

The Modern Executive HouseThe Modern Executive House

$450 000.00 Canadian*














*Prices of packages do not include; property and lot fees or electrical service to home, plumbing service to home or septic systems or road ways in remote areas, clean water and well system surcharges for delivery are applicable. 

All homes are up gradable too low and zero net homes!

For more information call 1-888-432-4888

News: Canada

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