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About New Homes Built Right

My name is Erik The Craftsman.  

Since 2001 I have been building custom homes in Canada as the structural carpenter and finish craftsman doing the full gambit of the construction process including management, design, consultation, material procurement, logistical organization and manufacturing.

Why Canadian Built Homes are the Best in the World

Canadian Homes are the Best in the World  because we build to prepare for anything the 4 season can through at us here in Canada.

The four seasons weather wreaks havoc on poorly made and maintained buildings, thus Canada has the best building code in the world because we the Canadians have developed our building code to suite for long lasting homes and buildings in not just extreme warm weather but also extreme cold temperatures, and extreme levels of rains and precipitations and as well build our structures are built in preparation for very heavy snow loads and also to take hurricane gusts and some what stand up to tornadoes. 

The Canadian building code has been adopted by many countries

The Canadian building code has been adopted by many countries and our homes are ideal in this changing times because even in extremely hot areas of the world where there is low and zero ozone at night desert areas can get very very cold and extreme weather is becoming harder and harder to predict so we need homes that are built accordingly every where.

I find myself often with students from the warn areas of the world in disbelief, they find my lessons hard to believe, but they also are un able to be at work with me often its a select few that can come and in the first year or two join me for framing or concrete work in severe cold weather of Canada - so they don't believe me before they experience a super cold and snowy season why we have so many different sciences and methods involved with building a good house and building.

With the event of our epoch times and adverse weather you want your home to be a Canadian Built Home

I have built houses for people as small as 1000 square feet and contributed to single family dwellings as large as 30 000 square feet.

 Erik The Craftsman - Home Packages and Custom Builds based in London, Ontario

Currently I am excepting customers for projects in Canada and can come to you for custom home builds any where in the country - or for re development any where on earth.  Currently I am based in London, Ontario and looking for 2022 customer projects to get done. I do have my set ups in the Yukon, Calgary, Winipeg and enjoy building for remote constructs.

Erik The Craftsman -  A dynamic home designer and builder

If you are in need of a fire restoration in any of the un fortunate fire areas call me to get your rebuild going.  I am doing some custom design work and working on ideas to weatherize for elete home and very diverse threats of this epoch times world and can do custom work integrating commercial ideas in to the residential environment for that specific type of customer.

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