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New Kitchens Done Right

I have been building kitchens and custom cabinets for along time, since 1993 and now done many many new kitchen renovations in huge monster homes, restaurants, and done some pretty wild custom work for your favorite Restaurants like Buffalo Wild Wings and the MacDonald's syndicate!

For Large Logo's I can come with express teams for tile restorations and similar work call me for questions through this site any time!

Kitchen Renovations Done Right

Today you can find everything you need here for the most amazing kitchens you have ever seen on TV and then I will make it better with my own innovations! 

TV Kitchens

I have done some TV stuff but I am a passionate Craftsman so I build kitchens and bathrooms for love not celebrity and I like some secrets to be left for the worthy students so even on TV I don't always tell it all but if you want to do something new or fun or what a flavor of a real Canadian pro's input on a job or show call me!

Planning your kitchen project

3 questions

How much do you want to spend?

What do you want too have done?

When do you want to start?

New Kitchen and Kitchen Renovation Permits

Permits might will have to be pulled when we do a complete new build, but then your kitchen will be included in that document set that I put together with my teams.  

A renovation or simple cabinet and counter change out usually won't require a permit.

If you want things moved around with structural updates for open concept design that is very popular right now, a permit will be needed for sure.

Click this link to contact Erik the Craftsman through this site to begin the new kitchen construction or renovations process!

Simply copy the file name of the pictures you like and email that to me in a note through my on-line contact form!