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This section is for my friends

Guys I am back all debt to be settled your way or mine!

I got hot stuff going and I invite any one who wants to do something in 2022 to get on board.


In 2001 I began my journey building real estate  investment properties with Castle Rock in Stratford Ontario, those homes where big back then for Jamie Piper and Berry Finch, today though I have helped build for Dr.s with now build contributions for property up to 30 000 square feet per living unit.


In 2007 my team was pumping out up to 180 units a month and we built many places around the country.

That is when I first was being called the "factory" while I was doing commercial stick framing.

From there I was on the big  builds for many years - from Calgary right up to Whitehorse, I have been the guy banging away from 6 stories below ground level up to 45 in the sky!


I have helped with; bridges and bride renovations, medical and hospital builds and I have done many renovations.

Today I am a really good construction boss and have many certifications and really enjoy what I do.


I want to be building really good investment property where each project is establishing income related goals for the community as we have way to many people on the street and that is relate able to the crime rate as well.


It is all intertwined with real estate.  If people can live stress free they are less likely to commit a crime, if they aren't committing crimes they aren't on the street - as such if they can keep the bills paid with less stress then guess what we got less homeless and safer communities.


I am not impressed with the billionaire idea that they don't have any need to take care of their countrymen!  Guy think God doesn't exist in space is going to get a very, very crazy reckoning!  You Jewish guys and Canadians and Americans that aren't doing your part - you can't  - God ain't happy with crap!


Any ways I am pushing by the greed mongers with an ask here in and offer to any of my home boys with monies clean that want to get in - I am ready to rock and get things done with out this sick in the had game of - 10 years to design one building - no I want Canadians to have their own homes and respect them and that is called leadership!  

Get on board boys!  I am rockin it in 2022! 

Just click here to go to the next step - don't wast my time dreamin - if you don't got cash go see your financial adviser and free up minimum $100 000 ok don't waste my time click here if you are ready!