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Stairs and Railings

Another place where Canadian Building Code protects us.

We build stairs so that they are safe when being used by all citizens of our country, whether it be your parents visiting from back home, or your hired hands with hands full of groceries or you or your wife with baskets of laundry.

The size and dimension of stairs and railings matters

We build our stairs to be equal proportions so that they are not only pleasing to look at by being geometrically perfect but so as well you can anticipate your next step in the event your hands are full or some one with a disability is using them.

Stair dimensions for safe use and emergency medical services clearance

Stairs need to be as well certain minimum clearance so that we can get people up and down with out blockages and also if you have the room its nice to be safe with railings but big enough to get your new furniture up stairs to finish off that great renovation.

Stairs and railings heights and widths

are also set for minimum dimensions so little ones can't easily put their head between banisters and as well protect people of large and small sizes from any falling by being safe no matter what - as well when I design my railings they have to be able to take a certain a certain weight in a force test to pass building safety code mandates.

That is why its good to go through the permit process because you are allowing for an extra layer of security of the quality of your construction.  If your contractor misses a safety check , the building inspector gives more eyes on the job, and usually coming with experience to see things that need be done before you payout the last contract invoice. The inspector will, and should let you know if he wants anything added and if everything was in fact installed to code before he signs off on that part of the permit.

Stairs and Railings Designed and Installed to Meet Canadian Regulations

We can design and install stairs in so many different ways, but again they all must be designed and installed to local and municipal and national Canadian regulations.