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Since 1993 I have been doing home construction and renovations.  There is a lot to it and you can't just skip pages in the building code to save money!  lol, there are some who try, bad idea, I will not get into that.  

I like to think about practicality and follow the rules of the municipal  building code that are in Canada a geographical place specific standard of the building code to reflect the geography and trends of certain areas.  For example in the North we have the best weight load rules to protect in the event of high snow. 

Across Canada we use vapour barrier and seal combinations to stop against mould entry into the home! Do to the very high rate of condensation that comes from cold materials and hot sun and other thermo combinations that you must understand to build a good quality home in the Canadian Environment! 

Cheapos don't cut it and will be costly down the road!  I like to really try and do the best I can, with science as my guide, weather it be; coatings thinking about little children's butts on deck wood, or roofs that ultimately will destroy a families home if the builder is not paying attention, or is making errors and just doesn't have the gull to do things right.

As well we have electrical and plumbing rules to follow so that chance of fire is reduced and poison gas is not allowed to come into the home from the very poisonous areas of the sanitary lines of towns and city's, and in some areas like my remote Yukon Home the septic field.


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