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Next Level Investements

Being an inovator I am not a begger although I do understand the urgency for great massive change now for the betterment of mankind through the restoration of the protection of the envirornement!

Before today natural order was that protection - then man kind grew eyes after he ate with Eve the fruitage of the tree of good and evil!  

From that day it has all been deteriorating to the point where leaders don't even know Gods name let alone live 1000 years in his very presence!

Man kind isn't pure enough for God to provide his face - what a gloreous thing to had walked in a perfect word such as that that it was before mankind sinned about 20 000 years ago!  Right before the claimed ice age!  

Any how - today we are a mess - we have leaders that are so horribly put together they can't even get 3 words out of their mouths with out discredible statements being made - humiliation to our time!

We have massive bank account and property owners that hold so much for thier own saveouring of things like "shiney" !  Really guys?? In this day in age? We are still obsesed with things that do nothing for any one but shimmer light!  I guess so I love fire works myself!


Any ways we are not perfect and currently I am trying to get some stuff going including attacking the property pimps to get some cheeper pricing on manufactuing and other things such as housing that is affordable as apoosed to socialist style affordable housing.  

Thus the intelect reads here in -  others will just be over wealmed !  The point is I am very bright man and often misunderstood and turned off when I am upset - but I am no begger.


I am doijng many things and require next level investors now to get a balance going here where we have our economy producing but on a more suitable level to keep the gloious things happening such as environement protection!


If you are interested in helping me fix the world or atleast get it going as good as we can to save not only mankinds happiness but perserve things like; fresh air, forests, animal species, bugs (bugs are so important).   


I am not a begger the best way to help me in my persuit of research and basically kicking ass on a write the gov and show the problems where others just don't have the gutt to stand up to the blind bullys of our time - I am the guy! I am fearless to man kind and I know God!  I love God and I know he blesses me greatly!  The way to help is simply buy a home package from me or other construction products so I can keep investing in my self and my research!

Being a good Christean the hallmarks of the Holy Bible are in everything I do those hallmarks are honesty and hard work and care for the community.

My preceious work and researh needs big money now though!  So if you are intetrested in getting on board for some new inovations Contact Erik the Craftsman by clicking here to become part of the future through next level investing and work to get things right for the envirornement thorugh legislation, construction and inovative new products!