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 Landscape & Exterior

Building Up grading

Home Builder for hire in Grand Prairie 2021

Erik The Craftsman - a dedicated builder and carpenter building Grand Prairie for many years!

Since 2007 I have been creating unique construction contributions to some very nice buildings including the 5 Star Express Holiday Inn - I was the stucco and exterior cladding crew for that job.

Today I am offering my pre fab and custom home and buildings, call me to set up a plan for projects from $100 000 - 10 million.

Note to the person on the phone re time at the Egg-loo Hotel:   

You called me and I thought it was a prank - I was angry and didn't listen to what you had to say!  Contact me now I would like to hear what you had to say and apologize for talking to you with abrupt load and angry voice - I thought it was a phone prank call until later when that phone line went down.

Contact me through this site click here.   

We where at the Egg-loo Hotel in Grand prairie I was the construction guy!

Any one looking for an expert builder or consultant for construction safety, engineering consultation or custom and estate home building in 2021 use the same link to get a hold of me to start making your next venture or dream a reality!


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