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Executive summery

 From the Administrative Director 

Firstly I am volunteering time to put together some protocol for families and people or even people at school can print or down load my forms and some protocol to go over with; Mom, Dad or the teacher or each other as an activity to get to know about risks and hazards surrounding Covid - the links below are free open source forms use them, all I ask is if you copy the code give me some back links to the original documents so they can help as many people through funneling technique of back linkage

Please follow the free open source covid policy link click here.

For Family Day To day Risk assessment Form Click here

For Family Community Hazard Preparedness Form Click here

Canadian DRV

(Disaster Relief Volunteers)

Report from Canada from Canada relating to Canada - how to fix San Fransisco

This article is well my effort to work as a mind and caring heart for the suffering in the Californians - please indoldge yourselves my neighbors and Earthling friends!

Other Initiatives of the Canadian DRV

Since I am currently residing for the time with covid well living with covid - I don't have it, but it is in my life in London, Ontario -  I am offering rapid construction help for any shelters, hospitals that are becoming strained on funds!  I have donated $1000.00 to a local Foster home, they need $5000.00 more. 

You can solicit me for maintenance services for any of our hospitals, or shelters, or for The Salvation Army or any effort, and I can be called for temporary contracts to get things done in London, Ontario as a Disaster Relief Volunteer Master Craftsman or Safety Consultant.

If you are a hard hittin leader that is like me, fearless, and has a big heart, I am not here to get used by people who think they can get a free ride!  I am here to organize to make a difference.  Get on my asset list - send the form on this page to me and will chat.

For the world, written as a concerned citizen and Canadian Safety officer - my covid 19 policy can be copied and pasted into any site or just used with your kids or for your church or school or what ever group.   

I was the first to push masks in Canada and it is well known that we need to social discipline until covid is 100% gone!  Even at 5% and we get lazy - just one of us can start another wave. Click here for my open source covid policy!


For the California Relief Volunteers - any one interested who has the gull to go into the hottest, literally fires and covid areas - send me an email to get on the roster!   I am paying attention with honor for the Prime Minister as he is making statements of possible full boarder lock down so!  Its a big way to take assets from Canada to go else where but we can always help out from Canada in one way or another.  Send me the form here to get involved and find out more about the Canadian DRV Strategy!

We have an outreach cry for woman and homeless young Canadian in Calgary Stacey Borroughs is leading referrals and we need shelters off the street where young woman can be safe from pimps and sexual predators and the cold! Click here to get involved!

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