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Erik the Craftsman

"Stay Alive 2021 Covid-19 Policy"


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Downloadable forms to help your family beat covid!

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The articles above and the policy below have not been edited for spelling and grammar as of today's date!


Policy - a common sense strategy - facts not emotions! 

My covid policy is written by myself Erik The Craftsman!

We as my company who that may be for your project including yourself being the customer and my staff must do these things listed below!   This policy is mainly about self discipline and the rest is about being intelligent for survival and is un-disputable buy people who don't think and are leading others to think covid is a big control story!  Its not!  It is simply the bat flu that some silly person made a horrendous mistake of getting probably buy doing two things the Whole Bible warns against; 

1.  Do not eat split hoof animals or birds of pray

2.  Do not eat or inject raw blood thus forth cook your damn food properly!

All of us parties involved with me and my company - we will ware a masks around people that are not apart of our immediate family (no mask group), ware it ware it ware it, and wash your hands, not putting them in your mouth, eyes, nose or ears first after you have been in public including jobs sites or even just customers houses.

Wash your hands or use hand-sanitizer when you come in your home, or work truck or take off your mask after being in public. Wash for 15 seconds with soap, or use an alcohol based product to disinfect your hands and other things like groceries and lunch food, or what you can reasonably do with out being to crazy OK.

Don't take advantage of covid, just be smart and use common sense especially when around people out side of your personal group of 4 and exceptionally around people from different areas of the city and other communities.  But really at this point we can do the normal day to day life, we just need to not transmit the virus -  we know it comes from ingesting through the mouth and breathing, droplets that have the virus in it - its not that hard!  WE SIMPLY NEED TO BE DISCIPLINED!


As well, and this is the big kicker!  BE COURTEOUS OF ONE ANOTHER!  Simply have manners and weight!  If there is no space for you to pass on a job rout path, in your home or on a roof or wall, or on the ground or Home Depot!  Double up - you got a mask now social distance just go by 6 tiles in the coffee shop on the floor, or at the Home Hardware!  This is really pretty easy!


  1. Mask
  2. 6 foot from all strangers at all times where there isn't glass dividing your breathing space and spit area
  3. Wash your hands and use sanitizer - we don't shake hands any more!


Tips on making and buying COVID-19 MASKS from a master craftsman and builder - masks are essential PPE and best kept simple.

Be careful that your mask isn't restricting your ability to breath! 

If you are fain't of breath try another style of mask and/or material!

Don't over due your materials! I am seeing a lot of commercial "pre made" masks that are very dangerous because they are so thick that they can lead to black outs and cause you to be faint.   

I love my ancient cowboy style bank robber style mask.   Its all you need!  A cotton hanky folded!

Keep that as your standard- I got a couple masks that are made from poly ester with this stupid other layer and you put the damn thing on and you pass out cause you can't get oxygen!

The cowboy hanky mask  is simply a cotton hanky cloth folded from a square to a triangle where you tie two corners of the triangle behind your head and let the other drop down to your neck level and tight to the top of your nose just below your eyes, covering your whole face, and bonusly if you can get some coverage over your ears!  Another good washable cotton mask can be t shirts - so if you don't have one and need to get on the bus don't beat the bus driver to death if he wont let you on, pull your shirt over your face - there you go! 

Your ears are part of your breathing and an orpheus into you body so there is another place to be considerate of the virus entering into your system from people coughing or sneezing around you!

No being filthy

No Picking your nose after you handled something in a contaminated area, or shaken someones hand, or used a hammer of someone who was infected if the have or not have been showing symptoms and the viruse was leaving thier body via bodily fluids!

Cover your ears if you can with your mask! 

Most importantly cover your mouth and your nose so at least if you are in contact with covid you are having less of the virus enter your body, thus a better chance you can fight it off before you have a health emergency - and die!


Do not engage with any filthy behavior and be disciplined

Did I say don't pick your nose?  Don't!  And stop biting your finger nails, and don't put your hands in your mouth!  Great time to give those habits up! 



Do not do any thing that can lead to transmission of bodily fluids including sneezing and pointing your face when breathing around other people, cough into your elbow area of your coat or sleeve don’t spread the covid through particles in the air from your mouth or nose!

Think of the trajectory. As well in the same thought of air flow, while in the wind, you now have opened up a greater distance of particle travel due to the propulsion of the saliva particles and boogers in the wind!

You don’t need a big man with a gun to make this little virus dangerous guys! 

Think about what it is its a dangerous as all hell virus - it spreads through transmission of saliva droplets and boogers!

When standing in line up or entering a building like the LCBO or Wall Mart on a windy day you now have a greater area of covid travel from the propulsion of it in the little spit particles coming from your respiratory system!  so

If you sneeze in the wind and have early symptoms you now have made your self more dangerous and in the same manner if you for example are coming out the north door, the typical exit at Walmart, and the sick person is going in and sneezes with a wind coming from the south well figure it out, with out your mask your guaranteeing transmission of covid because it just got blown in your face.  So double up - ware a mask and social distance!  EASY STUPID! I AM SO SICK OF TELLING PEOPLE I WASN'T EVEN MY USUAL HAPPY SELF!  But how could I be 1 in every thousand people in North america have died!  Covid is no joke!  Don't treat it as such! We have a civic duty to protect our selfs and our communities by doing the listed here in and getting on with our lifes, cause we all rely on each other!

Don’t blame the other person!  Take initiate for your self and the community, its not just that guy not putting his arm in his sleeve but you not wearing a mask and you have just doubled the risk of the little (bad word) virus killing and spreading hence this whole darn scenario.  BE A LEADER!  Tell PEOPLE TO GET AWAY! DON'T STAND OUT SIDE AT LUNCH SMOKING IN HUDDLES SOCIAL DISTANCE AT SIX FEET!  TALK LOUDLY YOUR JUSTIFIED AT THIS POINT.


From a doctor, can I say Doctor Erik - I am in-tune with this stuff as I have been studying mold for over 30 years COINCIDENTALLY THERE IS LOTS IN COMMON WITH THE COVID FROM BLACK MOLD AND ASPESTOS - THEY ARE ALL SMALL, I HAVE HAD GROWN MEN DOWN PLAY THE DANGERS ON THEM ALL - THEY ALL ARE DANGEROUS AS HELL AND FREEKEN KILL MEN AND WOMAN IF PPE IS NOT USED AND RESPECT GIVEN (PPE MEANS PERSONAL PROTECTIVE EQUIPMENT HENCE YOUR MASK)– I as per the thoughts of Doug our Ontarian Leader and Mr. Justin Trudeau THEY HAVE, WE HAVE been very steadily leading with OUR SELF DISCIPLINED behavior of social distancing and wearing masks.


You need to believe that we can by our own initiatives Justin, although he is a supper nice guy can’t babysit US!

We each need to be leaders and do our due diligence to protect our self's and our community, and our families.


I have been getting grouchy cause people aren't doing these things and it is really stupid of them and pissing me off!

So please understand if I move back or tell you directly to get the ##$#$# away from me its not cause I am trying to be an AWHOLE or am predjudice its cause I understand the dangers, and believe that we are not out of the woods, this thing is going to go around and around if we don't do what we need to now!  SOCIAL DISTANCE AND WARE MASKS!

Please focus on the facts don’t get your back up!  BE A LEADER 


To recap;

Wash hands / use hand sanitizer

Where a mask

Observe social distancing which is only six feet (2 metric meters) its not like you have to drive to the moon here to social distance its pretty easy – just weight till you see a six foot space in the supplier or building product or Wall Mart

Be conscience of air ways and wind flow

(building air supply systems and wind can make this little virus move around) wind affects any one out side, or in airy corridors in big buildings.

At lunch when eating and preparing food -

same as washing your hands, if the food has potentially bin like on the shelf in a store, or vegetables – wash the packages a little or wipe them, or make sure that you don’t put the wrapper in your mouth, clean up, put your garbage in the appropriate place put your mask back on, eat with 2 meters between you and any one, and enjoy being alive.

Be a disciplined leader

out side of your personal 10 people - and don’t let fear or emotions make you scarred to walk the right way in the store and let other people be reminded gently, don’t let them intimidate you this (covid) is for real it ain’t no joke. Leaders impress me, lazy people I am sorry I don’t like lazy people again especially at this juncture of time that we got Covid-19 afoot.


Team awareness AND LEADERSHIP

is a major, major contribution to us beaten it as humanity not any primitive, or emotional or prejudice can be observed at this time – PLEASE WE HAVE TO DO OUR DUE DILIGENCE AS TRAVELERS ON THIS LITTLE BLUE BALL OF OURS CALLED EARTH.

Be courteous

let people go first and stay away from them giving yourself and them a six foot gap, and weight till that is available before you push through a walk way, or cat walk or ally or isle at the grocery store or coffee shop

Love God

I am pretty sure judging by how stupid and pushy and un caring everyone is - God is just proving we need to slow the hell down and be nice to one another thus loving him!


Erik The Craftsman

This article is open source use it on your own web site and copy it for your policy as you wish free of charge!

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