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Hi Guys;


I am getting real here - this is Erik the Craftsman and my perspective of what has been going on around me!  

The cure is in personal protective equipment and social distancing - the vaccines are not yet at the point I would say that is ready for retail and we are stupid as dangerous driving to be rushing in!   Why would our government be buying the vaccines from foreign firms before there is 100% proof that they work any ways?  The metals in the vaccines we know could render other catastrophic problems - I see the aluminum content!  Aluminum is bad for your body people!   Don't get stuck with another bad buy from the Brits Trudeau - look at the nuclear sub deal!   What the hell!

My other manifestations come from an understanding of the Universe from a diverse religious research.  My Father was a Catholic part time torn war soldier, and Mas JW.  Me, I am a Born Again and know that like I know the back of my hand   We all must be born again if we are to enter the kingdom of heaven - does that mean die first?  Not necessarily - but in essence yes we must die!


What that means is giving up on unclean stuff and making it a point to understand what that is!  Jesus said there is going to come a time when he shuts the door to salvation!  We must be ready!   Stealing, then saying sorry, then stealing again don't cut it ok!  Jesus also said if your right hand offends you cut it off!   Like drinking out of the toilet!  I had to give that up!  Don't laugh- you don't know what context I am talking about. 

What about you?   Do you drink out of the toilet?   Don't tell me tell God and a respectable confidant and then repent!  God is real and I hold him dear to all my ways - that means you can rely on me!  When dealing with me I hold God's close so both my work is well made because of him and I strive for honesty in all my affairs.    

Living with covid - be clean!Living with covid - be clean!


Here is the link!

To learn more about God - lean on him not social pear pressure to find strength through the pandemic! 

Pray as well if you are strong for yourself, me and others!  And just role with the punches - being with family is good and we have time for that with covid don't we! 

I am praying for the ones who lost loved ones!

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