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For Family Covid Hazard Assessment Downloadable Form Click here


For Family Covid Risk Assessment Downloadable Form Click here a Canadian Occupational Health and Safety Officers free open source Family Community Hazard Form Use to understand and reduce your families chances of getting or giving covid!

Use this chart to help your family and personal horde be safe and ready for the hazards that come with surviving covid-19 in your community and day to day life while we all work to social discipline and distance and beat covid to 0%!

Be a leader not a follower!

I do not recommend big parties where hordes of 4 or more exist exceptionally while your community is in the RED ZONE! GUYS THAT MEANS OUR HOSPITALS ARE IN TROUBLE! STAY HOME!




How to deal with the hazard!

1-10 Risk Rating


People not social distancing and creating super spreader scenario situations

Getting stuck in tight  large dense packagings of people trying to get what they want rushing through the store and giving great chance to virus spread

Don't go in a store that looks over crowded.  

Ware your PPE (Personal Protective Equipment)

Be a leader say "Social distance"

Be courteous "Allow folks 2 meters"

Make plans to go shopping when the stores are not so busy

4- if good.

10 if people are getting ridiculous

Fighting with family

People aren't getting along because they are sick of covid

Possible emotional or violent situation

We got time to breath - love your family - show respect and concern.  Be empathetic, people are dying, there is a real pandemic going on - do a new activity or game together


Roommates get cabin fever and want to go party and protest the lock down

People get cabin fever in the winter already let alone when the Premier is doing his babysitter thing to protect the hospitals of getting over whelmed!  Yes its happening guys!  We are at our limits!  Don't make it harder for ems or doctors ok!

Your home group is wanting to have some fun and you gotta get them out, but at the same time - hitting the next door patio and the girls with drinks is just not a possibility during Red Zone.

Use your mask  / Have some fun but follow the Red Zone rules

Use hand sanitizer after you touch any public input devices

Go cross country skiing, take a walk in a park together, put together a ration bag for a needy neighbor, or single mom or dad, do something for the disadvantaged so you remember what you got! Shovel for some one and its nice when you get the feeling of the free magic penny just be nice. But again be a leader remind them when the party bug bites we got to social discipline and distance until covid is 0%


To many people on the bus.

You gotta social discipline.  If the bus is packed.

People not taking the extra few steps to create the 2 meter social distance standard bubble

Ware a mask and remind people to keep there social distancing when they can so you don’t have to be in the air way of potential virus transmission 

Plan to go early so that you don't need to rush.

Waite for the next bus, and explain to your boss what is going on-your a hero if you waited for the next reasonable spaced rider bus


Peer pressure and "False News"

People get in your face and exclaim - "Its all a big control plan, covid doesn't exist!"

People doing this are very out to lunch!  If your false news kills someone define that by law!

Some lady at the store is not in any way following the directions of the floor sign and when reminded what to do, she says "I am a health worker and you got more chance of getting the flue then covid 19." and pushes her face right in yours.

This reminds me of martial arts with out striking your hazardous threat.   Here stand back, and be assertive and remind her that in reality -  covid has killed millions of people globally!  Remind her that you understand she is a little uptight but we must respect and be happy.


I just use my feet, step away from her to maintain keeping 6 feet, or 2 meters between you and that person - step to the side, give them a "your stupid" look! Totally tell them covid is for real! 


Hanging out in danger areas considering the wind and air systems of big buildings

People can choose or need to be in higher risk areas like clinics or hospitals -  how we conduct yourself makes a huge difference in times around those areas

You gotta work in the nursing home or at the clinic with high volume line ups.

Ware your mask and social distance.

If you have to be quick so you are not in the line of respiratory discharge or coughing.

Don't put your face in other peoples face, if you gotta hug, do it by God but keep your face from direct line of fire respiratory to respiratory trajectory!

If there is a line up, keep your sitting or task area in the up wind location not down wind, remember that if you are placing seniors out side keep them in a staggered area out of the line of fire for respiratory trajectory like people coughing into the wind, and the wind carrying there cough over to the other table and now we got 5 instead of one!  Keep ears, eyes, noses and mouths in thought at all times.  Don't put your ear to someones mouth or cough air way.


7 if people are hording up in “fail” groups.

Erratic Traffic 

People are driving a little crazy and its more dangerous out because of people being pre occupied.    Your driving and people are rushing and being more dangerous then normal    

Go out as little as possible and stay out of high traffic areas.

If you are in a situation where drivers are getting out of control, drive defensively! 

Honk, don't hesitate. 

Give room to pedestrians and be courteous to your countrymen people -  in memory of Tena Marie Brunelle a community volunteer, a woman of my heart - killed by a driver who wasn't paying attention in down town London, Ontario Canada in the last few days!

My biggest pet pieve about London, the big little city every one is a boss, every one is so that and a bag of chips!  but you know what tough bosses you ain't shit if you are that outy of control and that busy that you can't even give 20 secounds and stop your car for your countryman and woman to cross- alot of times even injured - ok only ems should be in that much of a rush!  Not you there Capone or wonder woman what ever your facade that don't empress me!  Patience, courtesy, leadership - tough people who can take the ball and make an impact!  Not looser who can't even stop for a homeless person! LOOSER LOOSER TO ME BIG L THERE STINKY BUMS-ya even you baldy!  you ain't no better under God! lol you know who you are!  lol


 Your Hazards  Name

What is the situation?       

 What is the hazard really in your community?

 How should we handle yourself to deal with the hazard?



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