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For the Family Covid Hazard Assessment Downloadable Form Click here


For the Family Covid Risk Assessment Downloadable Form Click here


Family living with covid task risk assessment chart. Open source and free to use by

Use this chart to super use over the event of peer pressure or group solidarity cries that covid is not really happening! Here you can break down an activity with your family, or your house hold group or alone to make use to help you make yes/no decisions on activities and how you will conduct yourself while surviving covid!

Be a leader not a follower!

I do not recommend big parties where hordes of 4 or more exist exceptionally while your community is in the RED ZONE GUYS THAT MEANS OUR HOSPITALS ARE IN TROUBLE!

Task Name



Preventative measures

1-10 Risk Rating

Large public gathering

Going to out side event to protest school closures

Catch covid on the buss or in the crowds standing in air way or other windy areas – hanging out to close or being down wind from an un known infected individual

Choose small group horde of 4 or less, and don’t take masks off when not with them – keep 2 meters away from other groups at all times, don’t share beers or dubies, be intelligent about doing that and move if someone gets to smart to recognize covid and is not social distancing – be a n assertive leader – avoid confrontation by using death reminders like the story of the white truck at the hospital to get people to respect, you, the community and your family/friends well being.


Going to the store

Walking down to the store for smokes or diapers or milk

Possibly come to close to some one on the side walk, or in an aisle at the store

Ware a clean mask you can breath through and keep the 2 meter rule by just being courteous


Grabbin coffee

Going to Timmy’s drive through

Some one coughs on the kiosk and the Timmy person forgets to disinfect it.

Use your mask

Use hand sanitizer after you touch any public input devices


Going to work at the construction site

Working around others to complete building construction

People not taking the extra few steps to create the 2 meter social distance standard bubble

Ware a mask and remind people to keep there social distancing when they can so you don’t have to be struggling for breath with a mask on but still be more safer - and definitely being smarter


Answering the door for someone who

Catching covid from a social bug that doesn’t get it and is killing people house to house and is at the door

Covid can come in with just one breath while standing at the door

When answering the door, don’t open the storm door, if you do to pass something through keep it held with a very small open area to let the package or news paper in so you don’t share breathing air

Put a mask on before you open the door.

Be a leader and kindly remind the person that we are in a Red Zone which means lets stop covid by not spreading it.


Getting groceries

Being at the super store or

Wal Mart

People get silly under stress and do really stupid stuff and act on emotion rather then common sense

Ware your mask before you get out of the car at the parking lot and ware it all the way home if you take the buss. Follow the 2 meter rule in the store by counting 6 blocks on the floor if they are 12inch by 12 inch tiles. Be courteous, and try to plan your shopping around less busy hours. When in the store think about dancing, you can’t just be a drunk fool when dancing, you gotta have a beat! If some one is 6 feet up wait till there done, and keep the pattern, if there is a horde, which are super spreaders when people just rush around like they are the Mayer and better then everyone else and forget that we are in a pandemic. So use the 2 meter rule, and ware a mask - then when you get home wash your hands. Be weary of the bottoms of bags that might have sat in someones spit while you waited for the bus or got into your car and had to set the bags on the ground, and could had bin coughed on so wash down your veggies and especially the fridge stuff cause the cool air of the fridge will make the covid live longer hence forth danger at a party in a winter park, be weary of those areas, and garbage cans or bus benches or other things in high traffic zones.


7 if people are hording up in “fail” groups.


Going to get some cash from the bank

Someone just coughed and touched a service

Be smart, either wipe down the atm or I just go in with a mask – then put my cash in my pocket and use my hand sanitizer remembering my wallet is a danger zone so I don’t handle it then rub my eye or put my fingers in my mouth before I wash my hands or use hand sanitizer


 Your tasks           

What is the activity?       

 What is the risk?

 What are we going todo to do our civic duty not to spread the virus?



To go to Erik The Craftsman Free Open Source for copy Surviving Covid Policy click here!

To go to Erik The Craftsman Free Open Source Family Community Hazard form click here!