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Erik the Craftsman's Terms of services

Table of contents

Billable trade per hour or on contract

General Contractor written Contracts

Job Progress Payments

Free 1 hour consultations

Construction Contracts and Limited Warranties


Terms of services;

By calling

you are agreeing to be bound by our terms of services listed here in.  You agree that we bill for; consultation time, design and any other trade distinction per our time of purchase pricing.  I don't mind answering calls and schmoozing a bit although I am a professional and run a business here!  My billing equation is (time + expenses) and I bill for travel to remote projects.  If you are in the community I am currently fiscally in I don't mind spending a little time with customers and can do free email or satellite estimate pretty quick call me or email me any time click here to contact Erik The Craftsman!


By agreeing to my terms of service you are agreeing that you understand that Erik The Craftsman is; reasonable, honest and except billing for work done and will pay invoices on time, and with out question or argument no matter what. Erik The Craftsman billing invoices are final and I keep track of everything as a good job manager should to keep things on scheduled and honestly billed for!

Custom Construction and Renovation Contracts

can be written line per line although any additions line per line too work involved out side of the contract will be billed by the simple equation of (time + materials & expenses). 

We do our best to be as transparent as possible with contract named parties, giving notice of any additional charges in writing by either mail or email, as soon as possible and working with clients to make payments work. 

Because the unforeseen can and does happen and accumulate more charges - for example if we get bad weather, or storms, or  one year we had properties washing out and excessive rain fall on hilly estates!  I do not except the responsibility of acts of God on your property!  Its yours for better or worse!

Construction Contract and Renovation Payments

Erik The Craftsman excepts payment by; Cash, Email Money Transfer, Visa or Master Card or through contract payment made via lawyer or bank or mortgage as third party intermediary!

When it comes to the unforeseen property owners and management are responsible for COSTS OF WORK that needs to be done that has been found after the initial consultation and contract agreement!  For example; termites, bad wiring, asbestos, or mold, or just plain old bad carpentry and structural existing construction.

We do not except responsibility for costs for work to be done for example; 

Contract unforeseen such as but not limited to window and doors or other areas

- we price assuming  that the structure is in sound to code condition, if in new houses and we build the structure or whole house we assume all responsibility down to the ground but if it has been done by other contractors and below code failure from other parties or customer changes are requested - we bill to fix other contractors mistakes and change plans of attack after the scope of the project has been agreed upon exceptionally after work has been completed including but not limited to drawing, and trades work.

If it is found to be after a deal is made for work to supply and install windows and doors or other things and there are structural defects or local building inspector permit interruptions where costs are associated (Usually only on extensive large projects) with up grades to the building to meet code requirements or for other defects of the property then off course it costs and we bill for those things to you the customer or your agent on file. 

You agree here in to take responsibility for the costs to build and purchase your properties and investments. We work for you we need to get paid.

The surcharge criteria is not limited to structure and covers all aspects of the building code and trade designer areas per trade distinction ranging from and includes things like; critical load point areas, soft soils, poor footings, bad or non existing vapor barriers, or water proofing that is not proper as well warranty promises will come under change in those circumstances but off course where "Grand Fathering" has taken place we will do our best to work with your timeline and finacial abilities!  But need to altimatly follow municipal building code and government requests for action!

Basically if I open up a wall and it is route from lack of maintenance or what ever and the window to go in can't be reasonably installed or sub floor need to be up graded and maintained - we have to make a decisions based on government requests for action, the building code and also your budget for structural work and then the customer must be reasonable and except the costs for keeping there properties in sound building code conditions!

Floors, siding and/or new roofs contracts;  

These are pretty regular jobs and easily priced per square footage, our prices do not include structural upgrading on regular square footage contracts if when talking about renovations.  If the sub structure needs work after carpet or other flooring is torn out that was not easily anticipated when quoting to do a proper job the customer will need to assume the costs for the additional work.

Doing the math

Contract = pay = time per hour per trade distinction

billing =  materials + job expenses  + un foreseen + additions+planning and any other expences incurred while on your project


Additions can be any line item weather we procure it or supply by manufacturing - sinks, granite tops, carpets, hard wood, roof materials, pools, gazebo, hot tub any addition in costs essentially.

Moldy areas (major warning) or where other upgrades are needed

Mold needs to be abated properly the customer is responsible for any mold or bacteria areas or deficiencies in the existing property - erikthecraftsman reserves the right to bill accordingly not assuming any responsibility for any damages or insufficient construction of the existing property in the case of the unforeseen prior to job commencement and contract writing, unless agreed upon, its a surcharge if not already listed, plain and simple. 

Canadian mold is severely dangerous and so are the four seasons hard on buildings and homes any one who doesn't give that respect is unqualified to work in Canadian building construction as a manager -  I see bad work all the time - great way to judge people - ask them about mould or water proofing. It needs to be billed for to be dealt with appropriately. Off course any changes to contracts or up grades or notes will be made in writing, but will be billable if I am forced by necesity quality or government order for action.

Job Progress Payments and Unforeseen Cost Prepreation

The rule of thumb with is "Don't over spend".  Have 1/3 cash of every contract available in hand to be used on the unforeseen over and above the construction contract total as to not have work schedules suspended due to customer lack of monies. Decks and most jobs are very straight forward but off course on large projects we always have a chance that things get over looked by all parties and if they are not line items are assumed to be billable, although I don't like letting people down and will work to get things done with payments that are affordable and workable between all parties in the worst case scenario or in the best case where you want more work done and are very happy and able to pay for it to me.


Billable trade per hour in contracts and hour by hour

  • Consultation

  • Design & drafting

  • Permit Submission

  • Engineering

  • Deliveries

  • Cleaning

  • Demolition

  • Carpentry

  • Dry walling

  • Painting

  • Concrete - design/engineering/ form and finish / re -bar

  • Materials

  • Roofing

  • Siding

  • Landscaping

  • Structural

  • Finishing (any trade)

  • Electrical

  • Plumbing

  • Hauling

  • Waste disposal

  • and so on


General Contractor written Contracts

When I write a contract it is used to set guidelines for work, line per line.

Any additions to work out side of contract scope line per line will be assumed as extra billing line per line, as per time and material additions. 

Free 1 hour consultations

I do free consultations for one hour only!  Any additions in time will be billed per my consultation fees and I reserve the right for that hour, whether it be 20 minutes or 59 minutes to decide to continue with a free consultation - building inspection and home inspections are billable and considered a home inspection after a 1 hour visit if it falls into my above protocol for a local to me or my managers presence.  Please contact me to get pricing click here to schedule a home evaluation inspection or estimate from

Custom Construction and Limited Warrunties

I provide a 3 year warranty on all my work and 5 year, 15 and 25 and lifetime warranty respectively to different products and building construction methods that range in costs.  At the point work done by me after the fact of my completion is touched in any manner by home owner building owner or other contractor or building construction entity with out my written consent for them to go in as a worker or professional all my warranties are null and void with out question! For example is some other company puts ladder to my roof, as soon as he touches the system it is his bot mine, if the customer decides to jump my 27 years and my honesty and decides to deal with a supplier and doing thier own engineering, and starts wreaking my supply chain communications and investigations I will at that point where I am no longer the managing contractor where a customer takes that role, my warranties with out question are null and void unless the customer in question is a bonded certified building construction engineer.